OLIVIA JAYNE - but my friends call me Olive. 

I'm Olive! The founder of Olive's pantry, and if you have found yourself on this page I'm sure you would like to know a little bit about me...


I am a 28 year old flight attendant, and whilst being stood down from my job during covid19, I was given the freedom and the time to focus on a real passion... food! Not just food however, but the pure joy that comes from cooking for other people (this is my ultimate love language).


Being plant based for over a decade, I created a blog some time ago to pass on all of the tips and tricks I had learnt through my years of experimenting with vegan alternatives. My firm belief is that there is a plant based alternative for everything. This lead me to share this knowledge in the hope of inspiring others to jump in the kitchen for their loved ones too.

Fast forward a few years and the idea of Olive's Pantry was born, with a main goal to provide tasty and convenient plant based food to people. I carry this out in the hope that you feel comfortable here whether you are a long time vegan, or you are starting by cutting animal products out once in a blue moon. Everyone is on their own journey and there is no judgement in this space, only support.


Here at Olive's pantry it is a belief that vegan food can be as tasty, exciting, adventurous and nutritious as any other food, and that at the end of the day life is all about balance (you have to have that raw snickers bite every once and a while right?). Let me take the load of your week, and have that satisfying meal ready to go, knowing that you have made the best decision you! Your tummy will thank you for it. X

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